“Come&C” – check it out on the Diocesan website – try what it says on the tin!

As part of the “Come&C” diocesan initiative, it is envisaged that individuals would review their discipleship under the five marks of mission of the Anglican Communion. These marks can be listed as: Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform and Treasure. ‘Tell’ refers to proclaiming God’s Kingdom by words or actions. ‘Teach’ covers the teaching, baptising and nurture of new members of the Church. ‘Tend’ covers our response to human need whether it is alleviating suffering and distress or the healing of broken relationships. ‘Transform’ applies to the recognition of unjust structures in society and seeking to change those structures to eliminate injustice. ‘Treasure’ concerns the care and protection of God’s creation through conservation and ecology. More information is available on the diocesan website: www.dublin.anglican.org
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