Cash to Bank – please launder your money! (in the nicest possible way!!)

Parishioners will be aware that Banks are no longer very customer-friendly. The parochial ‘money counters’ seek your assistance in overcoming some banking obstacles. Firstly, bank notes have to be lodged in a machine. They are rejected if there is any creasing, corners turned down, tearing or repairs (e.g. by sellotape). We then have to search in our wallets/purses for replacement notes – although we are now wiser and try to anticipate most failures. However, we would be grateful for non-damaged notes only.
Secondly, we have to hoard large amounts of coin as the bank will only accept coins sorted by denomination and made up in pre-determined multiples e.g. €50 in €2 coins. Whilst all monies are most welcome, please be aware of our lodgement difficulties as your assistance in overcoming them would be greatly appreciated.
Bob Willis
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