Badminton – international comings and goings and local successes!

What a night ? Competitors flying in from China and North America, others unfortunately off in Japan but the End Of Season Tournament was the usual highlight of the Season! Eriksson’s main frame computer picked the pairings, however even this couldn’t keep Mandy off the rostrum (again) with a little help from Michael. They just held off John & David’s brave challenge. It was good to see that Ashlyn & Alan’s gambit of baring ‘a bit of leg’ didn’t work, but hope that this doesn’t deter this welcome trend. In the new ‘Plate’ competition the energetic Vera & Noel ran the not so energetic Neil & Paddy ragged * easily

tying up this match. The magnificent ‘Spread’ afterwards was worth all the effort (and Michael once again demolished most of the Gateau Diane) !

On a more serious note it was great to hear that Heather Swanwick won the McCrave Cup for her sportsmanship and commitment to badminton in Wesley College. Maybe we can take some small credit in launching her on this path. Well done Heather !

  • – definition of ‘run ragged’ = To be worked off your feet at work, whilst simultaneously doing not very much at all (very apt).

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