“Tidy-Up Day” – Saturday 16th May – who did what!

A strong team of Patricia, Susan G, Cliff and Jonathan tackled the weeds and ivy under the front hedge. The poor old ivy had no chance ! The rusty pair of gates succumbed to the trusty pair of Barbara & Jane, while young Gillian refreshed the rails up to the church front door. Terry repaired and blackened the down pipes all round the church giving them a new lease of life. John attacked the tree stumps on the front lawn with the chainsaw with considerable success. Meanwhile at the back of the church, Sue sorted out the Remembrance garden at ground level, whilst David went nuts above ground level. Bob scared the living day lights out of all the weeds generally. The sexton’s hut was getting

tender care from Vera & Sadolins. Poor Ernie & Leslie drew the short straw and heroically removed many years of rotting grass from behind the hall. With some white paint Michael & Nigel restored the attractive multi-paned windows around the Sacristy to their former glory.

Coordinating this motley crew was no easy job, but with the help of Hilary C who laid on the refreshments the morning was a great success ! Thanks to all for giving up their Saturday morning and maybe this should be a regular event. Only a few hours work by even a relatively small number can make such a difference.

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