Bray Women’s Refuge – pyjama call!

The collection of non-perishable items for this charity is ongoing and all contributions have been very much welcomed by both the directors and recipients alike. As we now approach the festive season, most of us are looking forward to a round of joyous social and family occasions. However, for those who avail of the Refuge’s facilities, theirs is often a very different reality as the stresses and strains of abusive relationships which may have been bubbling under the surface during the year are once again brought under the microscope. Therefore there is usually a rise in the numbers seeking assistance at this time of the year – often fleeing the family home together with their children with only their street clothes on their backs. In light of this, the directors of Bray Women’s Refuge have appealed for donations of both children’s and women’s pyjamas – children’s sizes for age 3 upwards and women’s from size 12 upwards. Your positive response to this appeal would again be greatly appreciated. Donations, as always, may be placed in the basket at the back of the Church.

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