Painting the Hall, and the doors….and the windows…and the doors…and the walls…did we mention the doors??

We were under a bit of pressure to find a ‘window of opportunity’ due to the need to borrow a scaffolding system, to coincide with the stoppage of activities in the hall, and of course find adequate volunteers (not to mention some domestic pressure to use our talents closer to home!)
Derek Bradshaw solved the scaffolding problem, just in time before the church got busy with its autumn programme. Frank Sowman stepped up to the mark and dusted down his old painting skills. Robbie Bowes amazed all with his speedy roller. Torren Gale was always ready to lend a hand; Michael O’Kane doing a high wire act with Derek on the first night followed superbly by father & son act of Ray and Killian Casey in the following session. As always, Nigel Swanwick in the thick of things! David Cooper and Terry Forsythe put the world to rest while giving the entrance hall a thorough going over. Not to mention John Tanner rarely without a roller/brush/ladder enthusiastically egging on the team. Heather Swanwick made a welcome appearance and great to see another of your younger members willing to lend a hand. Last and most important as always was Vera and/or the trusty Bernard with tea and bikkies when energy levels got low.
Mine was the tough job as project manager to keep things moving along, trying to talk John out of the ‘second coat’ and Alan Rhodes (artistic director) from introducing all colours of the rainbow! A very sincere thanks to all who participated! Best bunch of painters I’ve ever worked with! PB
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