Open-Air Service and Picnic – a review

Sunday 7th September was the date when we once again held our annual Service and barbeque/picnic with our friends and neighbours from Kilternan parish. The afternoon commenced with a Service at 12:00 noon at which Mrs. Kathy Hallissey enthralled both young and old alike as the Old Testament character Noah. Kathy was recently appointed an Intern Deacon to Kilternan parish and we send her our congratulations following her ordination on Sunday 21st September. As the majority soaked up the autumn rays, beautiful scenery and the atmosphere, the young (and young at heart!) participated in trailer rides around the grounds. As always, a big “thank you” to Frank Johnson for his kind invitation, and to the wider Johnson family for their warm hospitality and hard work.
  1. Can We Pray For You? Receive A Prayer From All of Us