For many years Parishioners have been generous in leaving cash legacies under their wills to Tullow Church. Such legacies are of enormous benefit to the Parish and being charitable are paid free of all taxes.

Have you left a legacy to the Parish under your will? If not, would you consider doing so?

Please think about it, as any legacy, irrespective of size, helps to keep the Parish financially sound. Many parishioners are anxious about preserving cash flows in these difficult economic times – but if you are thinking of doing something, don’t put it on the long finger. The Select Vestry very much appreciates your financial contributions in the past, and look forward to your continued support in the future.

Here is a simple form of bequest that can be used in a Will or Codicil:

“I give and bequeath to the Select Vestry, for the time being, of Tullow Parish Church, Carrickmines, Dublin 18, the sum of ______________ euro to be applied as it shall think fit for the benefit of the said Parish.”

If you have any queries, why not speak to the Rector or one of the Churchwardens. The Select Vestry also recommends that the advice of a solicitor be sought. The Parish will arrange for legal advice on this matter if you so wish, at no cost to you.

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