Latest Youth News and updates…..

Sunday Club and Creche (0 – 10 year olds) will recommence after the summer break on 9th September. On 2nd September, all members are warmly invited to our Open-Air Service followed by barbeque/picnic. Leaders will be meeting during the course of this month to plan an autumn programme and to receive a refresher course in “Safeguarding Trust”. Further information from Jennifer Garvey.

Junior and Senior Team Tullow (10-15+ year olds) There will be a meeting of both Sunday Club and Team Tullow leaders on Monday 10th September at 8:00pm in the Rectory. The first Team Tullow meeting of the season will take place on Thursday 27th September. This will  be an introductory as well as an exploratory evening for the group as its dynamic has changed since last year with some new members. Further information from Patrick Bowes, Elaine Arrowsmith or Vera Tanner.

  1. Can We Pray For You? Receive A Prayer From All of Us