Confirmations – Sunday 25th February and Service Sunday 11th March for Mother’s Day

Three young parishioners were confirmed by the Archbishop on the afternoon of Sunday 25th February. We wish every blessing on Zoe Hoffmann, George Koshy and Zara Savage as they build on this important step in their faith journey as they affirmed for themselves the promises made at their Baptism.

A vital part of the Confirmatiton Service, which is common to the Holy Baptism Service, is the question to the entire parish family, ‘You have heard these our brothers and sisters respond to Christ. Will you support them in this calling?’ And the congregation responds, ‘We will support them.’

It was therefore very disappointing that so few of our parish family were present to voice and offer that support to the candidates and their families!

We now look forward to the candidates making an input and taking an active part in our main morning Service on Sunday 11th March.

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