“Gift Day” – 20th September – your contribution supports your future in Tullow! Please give generously

Our primary fund raiser for 2015 will be a “Gift Day” which is scheduled for Sunday 20th September. As explained at the Easter General Vestry meetings of recent years, additional fund raising is necessary to ensure that the Parish successfully repays the Bank Loan and interest free parishioner loans utilised in the major refurbishment of the Rectory and the revamping of the parish storage

facilities in 2008/2009. The Select Vestry is pleased to report that the Bank Loan is entering its final repayment year. However, following a R.C.B. requested report some urgent and essential maintenance work on the Church building was identified and due to grave safety concerns has now been dealt with. This unexpected expenditure has had a negative effect on our cash flow.

We would therefore encourage all parishioners to give as generously as possible to our “Gift Day” appeal during the month of September. All parishioners should receive correspondence regarding this fund raiser by the end of August/early September.

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