A real knockout! It’s Badminton on the go…..

The Xmas knockout tournament has the full complement of 16 players for the first time ever. In fact, there were nearly too many – albeit another four were ruled out due to knee and eye problems and other commitments.

 There were no easy games, particularly when Nigel decided to commit hara-kiri and regrettable had to go off. His reluctance to return may have been influenced by the five women tending his injury. We thought we had also lost Jonathan when he slipped, but they made them of sterner stuff in those days!

 Noel celebrated his birthday with a win, ably assisted by Mandy; after his exploits in the match against Clontarf and now this impressive performance he is in the running for ‘player of the year’.

 Other impressive performances from Ray (when he impersonated Nigel), Heather (adding more shots all the time to her already improving game), David (definitely best umpire of the night), John (flashes of his old self) and Michael (who digested the largest part of the Chocolate Gateaux).

 Happy New Year to all!

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