A co-ordinated approach to social & fund-raising events….

Arising from a recent “brainstorming” meeting with regard to parish social and fundraising efforts, it was recommended and considered desirable that a committee be formed to co-ordinate all such events.

This would achieve a number of benefits. First, it would ensure that there would not be a clash of dates, as has been known to happen in the past. Second, it would help space fundraising events so that parishioners would not be asked to support more than one effort at any given time.

Third, it would maintain and display a calendar which would be accessible to all thereby greatly improving communications. However, it must be remembered that it will only be successful if all parish groups make use of the facility.

The committee consists of Terry Forsyth (tel. 2894273), Barbara Cooper tel. 2853475 and is chaired by the Rector (tel. 2893154)

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