Rector’s Thoughts on the time of year……

Our recent spell of good weather, coming as it does after such a long cold spell, has been very welcome indeed. Gardeners were beginning to worry that some of their tender plants were not going to make it. Others were concerned at the more practical level that there seemed to be no end to their heating bills! But recently, having the opportunity of driving through the countryside in all its late spring/early summer splendour, proved to be such an uplifting and rewarding experience. The fact is, everything looks better in the sunshine and quite often it takes a period of gloom before the brightness to help us appreciate the beauty of God’s creation all the more.

Speaking of gloom, as I write there is still much economic uncertainty globally – and specially in the Euro-zone. In this country, we are still awaiting the referendum vote on the Fiscal Treaty which will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for our country going into the future. Then, the political situation in Greece remains on a knife-edge as they face a fresh general election in the middle of June. The results of that ballot will, in the opinion of many observers, decide whether Greece can realistically stay in the Euro. If it is forced to leave, many believe there is the very real danger of an international economic meltdown. This in turn could lead to unprecedented unemployment globally and a human tragedy of catastrophic proportions. Let us pray earnestly that none of these doomsday scenarios become a reality and let us further pray that wisdom, diplomacy and common sense may chart a safe path forward into a bright future.

The month of June can also hold a further element of worry for some. Those who sat their Third level examinations in May are now anxiously awaiting their results. If it was their finals, the awaited results will be one of the factors which they will have to take into consideration as they plan their future career paths! Those facing State examinations at Secondary level, both Junior and Leaving Certificate, are undertaking final revision and nervously waiting for them to begin. It can be a very stressful time for all concerned, both students and extended family, and may they be assured of our thoughts and prayers throughout this coming month. May they have faith – faith in themselves; faith that all their hard work done in preparation for the examination will be justly rewarded; faith that if they take their fears and anxieties to God, He will help them through the difficult times and allow them to achieve their full potential; and faith that no matter what examination results they ultimately achieve, God has a purpose for each one of them and their lives.

At a recent Parish Fundraising “brainstorming” meeting, it was decided not to hold an Autumn Fair this year, This decision was not taken lightly as it has proven in recent years to be an excellent source of fundraising together with being a great social occasion. However, a Fair involves a lot of heavy work during set-up and a number of lingering injuries were recorded last year. Also, in the current economic climate, corporate sponsorship is increasingly more difficult to attract. However, funds still need to be raised, so this year our primary fundraiser will be a “Gift Day” which will be sent to all parishioners and those connected to the parish in due course and everyone is encouraged to give generously.

 With every blessing,


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