2012 Badminton Season starts…..

The 2012 season started on the 5th January, a week earlier than planned due to popular demand (and some guilty consciences as a result of over-eating at Christmas!)

Recently, our ladies section has not been so well attended as earlier, due to injuries and other commitments; in the circumstances, the Committee would dearly love to see a new lady or two. Please contact Ashlyn Casey (Ladies Captain), if you are interested in joining in, on 086-858 7603.

No plans for more coaching at the moment, but we will probably have a few sessions in March.

At great expense, new white lines have been ordered, and this should avoid the invalid claims as to whether the shuttle was ‘in, ‘out’ or ‘on’ an imaginary line – we hope to have these down in the next couple of weeks!

Finally, speaking of lines – David Cooper has been told to write out 50 times “thou shalt not pull the white cord in the badminton net too far, otherwise it roughly half an hour to re-thread”.

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