All contributions are very welcome!

Our church in Tullow is open and available weekly throughout the year. The church, hall and rectory must be maintained, insured and heated. In line with the Diocesan assessment on the Parish and Rector is paid, together with the Organist and Sexton. Charities at home and abroad are supported – there is therefore a substantial call on our finances.

There are a number of ways of contributing to the Parish.

1. Envelope Scheme
In January each year a box of weekly envelopes is distributed to those who wish to give in this way. The amount is decided by each individual or family, and the envelope is put on the collection plate during the service. At any stage during the year, envelopes may be obtained from Richard FitzSimon at 235 0307.

2. Sustentation Fund
Traditionally annual subscriptions are made to the Sustentation Fund. This money goes towards the cost of maintaining our clergy as well as the general running expenses of the parish. A letter requesting a donation is sent early in the year and payments may be made by cheque or credit card. For further details on this, please contact Bob  Willis 289 4542.

3. Standing Order
Many find that setting up a standing order on their bank account is the simplest and easiest way to make their financial contribution. You may contact Don Beck at 289 7105 for a Standing Order form.

4. Collection Plate
Some people just prefer to put their contribution on the collection plate when they go to church. However, this cannot
be recorded to receive any tax relief. (See 5 below)

5. Tax Relief
Under the Finance Act 2001 all recordable donations (envelope scheme, credit cards, standing order or annual subscription) over € 250 are eligible for a tax  refund. The parish receives the tax on the amount from the Revenue. There is absolutely no extra cost to the donor. Each yaer the treasurer will send the appropriate forms to all who have contributed € 250 or over to be signed and  returned. It gives a significant financial benefit to the parish and again it costs the donor nothing extra. For further details, please contact Don Beck at 289 7105.





“For all things come from you,

and of your own, we give you.”


(Chronicles 29, verse 14)

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