Annual Gift Day

Our annual Gift Day was instituted as an alternative to arranging and organising a major fund-raising event, such as an Autumn Fair or similar event. The Vestry strongly believes in the social element of the Autumn Fair or similar event and would expect to alternate year-on-year between the two fund-raising options.
In line with many other churches around the world, a Gift Day is an opportunity for parishioners, friends and families to support the ongoing work of their local church in Tullow and to assist with maintenance and development costs. As part of the wider financing of Tullow Church, the Gift Day is the largest single source of income in the year and without it, the church would have to source alternate funds through borrowing which adds an increased burden on parishioners over several years.
The Select Vestry encourages people to offer what they can this 2021 Gift Day as we embark on an ambitious programme of parish development for the future. Tullow Church has a strong and historic past and as part of our responsibility to hand it forward in good condition to next generations, your contributions are essential in ensuring we can all achieve our goals.
Please consider how life would change for you and your families if Tullow Church was no longer an active, vibrant parish and had to close. Not only would we lose an aesthetically pleasing building dedicated to the glory of God, but the community would lose part of the heart that makes up Carrickmines and Foxrock. Please give what you can and the Select Vestry extends its deepest thanks and appreciation in advance for your kind and thoughtful support of this important fund-raising effort. Gift Day contributions may be either handed to the Rector, a member of the Select Vestry or placed on the Offertory plate during Worship at any time.
The parish would be extremely grateful to our Tullow friends unable to get to the church or not already subscribing in any alternate manner,  for any donations made via the DONATE button on the website.
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