Tullow Almost 100 Years Ago – from the minutes of the Tullow Select Vestry

The choir is an important part of our worship particularly at this time of the year but things were done slightly differently nearly 100 years ago!
19 May 1916 – Resignation of paid chorister Miss Joyce Bell. It was agreed to make a renewed effort at strengthening the choir by voluntary assistance. There was a difficulty however in securing ladies who would attend choir and practices regularly. It was agreed that as a matter of ‘patriotism and necessary economy the services of the second chorister be replaced by voluntary help until the end of the war’.
27 May 1916 – No voluntary help secured but the temporary paid soprano was asked to stay on. She was paid 4/= (4 shillings) (€23) per Sunday for Morning Service.
18 January 1918 – Still considering the position of paid soprano. Temporary soprano resigned. Salary of paid alto chorister increased to £18pa (€1,100).
11 June 1929 – Offer received from a ‘friend of the church’ to pay the salaries of two choristers for five years. Offer gratefully accepted.
23 May 1930 – New chorister Miss Olive Buchanan of Rathmines appointed at £21pa (€1,504).
26 July 1934 – Money to pay the choristers nearly exhausted so their services were dispensed with at the end of December.

With thanks to the RCB where the minute books are held.

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