Christmas Fair, Saturday 1st December

Hope you’re all thinking about the Christmas Fair and deciding what you can make and/or donate.  Contact the relevant stall holder who can arrange storage in the container (it’s never too early!).

If you are making jams, jellies or chutneys this autumn please make a few pots more and save them for the Deli Stall. Also please keep gathering bottles for the bottle stall – we need plenty! They may be left at the back of the church.

Accessories – Sandra Ruttle (087 2344964)           Books – Jane Bowes (086 8418138)

Bottle Stall – Keith Tanner (086 8070270)              Bric à Brac – Michael O’Kane (087 2572677)

Cake Stall – Jennifer Sowman (086 3154118)        Christmas Cards – Bob Willis (087 2476298)              

Deli – Barbara Cooper (01 2853475)                        New Gifts – The Beck Team (087 2592958)

Pre-loved Clothes – Janet Moore (086 1713564) & Eileen Adams (087 2674406)

Raffle – The Ellis Team (087 2460373)

PLEASE – no dirty, broken or unsaleable items. It costs us to get rid of them!

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