Christmas Fair Saturday 1st December

The date is creeping up on us so please keep gathering suitable items for the fair. Contact the relevant stall holder who can arrange storage in the container.

A special message from cake stall co-ordinator Jennifer Sowman 086 315 4118

‘My first time to head up the Cake Stall (eek!) so will need lots of help from everyone. Please think about the sort of product YOU would like to buy at such stall and also please save any (clean) containers you may get with cake or bread purchases so we can re-use.’

Janet and Eileen ask that you make room in your wardrobes for all the new clothes you’re going to buy this autumn by gathering clothes in perfect condition – men’s, children’s as well as women’s – ready for the pre-loved clothes stall.

Accessories – Sandra Ruttle (087 2344964)            Books – Jane Bowes (086 8418138)

Bottle Stall – Keith Tanner (086 8070270)               Bric à Brac – Michael O’Kane (087 2572677)

Christmas Cards – Bob Willis (087 2476298)           Christmas Trees – Ben & Greg Arrowsmith

Deli – Barbara Cooper (01 2853475)                          New Gifts – The Beck Team (087 2592958)

Pre-loved Clothes – Janet Moore (086 1713564) & Eileen Adams (087 2674406)

Raffle – The Ellis Team (087 2460373)

PLEASE – no dirty, broken or unsaleable items. It costs us to get rid of them!

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