Teen Corner

Calling all teenagers (and older!) Any good news you’d like to share? Want to do a good deed or supplement pocket money by babysitting, gardening, grass cutting, shopping, etc.? Email bowesjane91@gmail.com. Just give your name, contact information and the service you are offering or the news you’d like to share in the newsletter.

William Moulton (13) would be delighted to do any of the above – or anything else which would be helpful. Contact William on 083 8252629.

We’re thinking of you, remembering you in our prayers and….fingers and toes crossed!

June can be a time of dread for anyone doing the Leaving or Junior Certificates – and of course for their families! Now that the ordeal is over, we hope all went well but we will be thinking of the Leaving Cert students in September. Good luck to all and remember exam results don’t define you as a person and/or predict your future!


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