Extract from Select Vestry Meeting Minutes 12th June 2018

CONTAINER: A 20ft storage container is now in place beside the Rectory. Thanks to the Wojnar family for arranging to have the container painted. It will mainly be used for short-term storage of items for the Christmas Fair.

HEATING AND LIGHTING: Following much research and examination of various heating options and alternative energy sources, we are very near the decision stage and hope, in the coming days, to appoint a company to see this project through to a successful conclusion.

WHEELCHAIR RAMP: Planning permission has been granted and the project is at the tender stage. Hopefully the successful contractor will be able to start work soon.

CHURCH BOUNDARIES: It was agreed that the Select Vestry will be proactive in communicating with the developers/builders who are working on both sides of the church to ascertain their intentions particularly with regard to the boundaries, and to re-examine both sets of planning permissions in detail.

SAFEGUARDING TRUST: The Rector will attend a meeting called by the Archbishop for the clergy of the diocese at the end of June at which they will be briefed on changes in regulations regarding Safeguarding Trust.

MISSION STRATEGY: It was noted that housing developments in Cherrywood/Lehaunstown, which have already started, are part of a new church-generated report ‘Mission Strategy to Diocesan Councils’ which deals with the church’s response to major new housing developments in the Dublin area.

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