Select Vestry – curious about happenings?

People sometimes wonder about the role of the Select Vestry so at the recent meeting it was decided that extracts from Vestry meeting minutes will be published in the parish newsletter in future.

Extracts from Minutes of Meeting 2nd May:

Church Heating, Lighting and Electrics –
Glebe wardens have been carrying out extensive research on the different types of heating and other church building requirements and a final proposal is awaited from energy consultants. When that is received we can proceed to final
plan and tender process.

Storage –
It was agreed that a 20 foot metal container will be purchased and used for short term storage. (update: has been delivered) This will be placed at the side of the rectory and can be screened if necessary. A Select Vestry member generously offered space for long term storage of items not in current use such as spare tables and church pews.

Wheelchair Ramp-
Update – planning permission has been granted so once the required waiting period is over we will proceed to tender for a contractor.

The suggestion was made that some parishioners may wish to contribute to church flowers in memory of a loved one at a particular relevant me of year. If so, please contact Sandra Ruttle 087 2344964

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