Update on current ‘Glebe’ matters

For those of you who missed the Easter General Vestry meeting, the following up-date details the progress made on current projects:

As you will no doubt have noticed, we have a planning permission sign at the front of the the church for a wheelchair ramp; we are very fortunate that we have an anonymous donor who is paying for most of this. As we are a ‘listed’ building, the conservation officer in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown is involved, as well as our architect who produced the plans. It all takes time, but now we are approaching the final strait. The public had until 19th April to make their observations. The ramp necessitates a bigger platform at the front exterior of the the church, which we confidently fee will enhance the look of the front of the church.

The other main project is much more complex and time-consuming. This is to revamp the ‘heating, electrics and lighting’ in the church – all items which were identified following a mandatory audit of our buildings a couple of years ago. Once again, we greatly appreciate and are very fortunate that we have received legacy money to add to our funds – € 10,000 from Sam Poole and € 20,000 from Kevin Boushel – which has enabled us to progress this.

Over the past couple of years, we have been looking at other churches to conpare notes and see what renovations they have made. More recently, we have moved on to pick the brains of three consultancy companies and ask them for proposals on how to improve our heating, electrics and lighting in the church. We interviewed the last of these at the end of March. When we have the detailed proposal from this last company, we should be in a position to choose the one to proceed with. This will entail at that time a detailed presentation by the selected company to the Vestry.

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