Easter General Vestry – the outcome

This annual meeting was held on Sunday 8th April and the following were appointed/elected for the coming year:

Rector’s Churchwarden – Heather Swanwick; Rector’s Glebewarden – Paddy Bowes; Peoples’ churchwarden – Joyce Buckley; People’s Glebewarden – Nigel Swanwick. Members of Select Vestry – Elaine Arrowsmith, Don Beck, Jane Bowes, Margaret Breadon, Barbara Cooper, hilary Cran, Owen Driver, alan Rhodes, Sandra Ruttle, Patricia Stewart, Bob Willies and Christopher Wojnar. Our deep appreciation to the outgoing Churchwardens – Mandy Swanwick and Dawn Gethings. Also to the outgoing Secretary of the Select Vestry, Jane Cremin and outgoing members, Jill Malcolm and Paul Hayes.

  1. Can We Pray For You? Receive A Prayer From All of Us