Beckett in Foxrock – 3rd annual event held 24th March – “First Love”

The third annual “Beckett in Foxrock” took place on Saturday 24th March when the talented actor, Marcus Lamb, performed a highly entertaining “First Love” which has been called Beckett’s funniest story. As in previous years, it was booked out and it was lovely to see a full church.

Caroline Murphy, Samuel Beckett’s niece, in an appreciative note talked about a ‘memorable’ evening and many audience members, who had come from all over the city and beyond, cited the warm welcome they received, the pretty church and envied us the close connection with such an internationally renowned figure.

The Gables restaurant kindly sponsored the wine reception and Foxrock Area Community and Enterprise (FACE) sponsored the printing. We’re very grateful for their support and also that of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown CoCo. Overall, 17 members of the parish were involved in the event from the prior organisation to catering, ushering, car park – it couldn’t have happened without them. Thank you all!

Jane Bowes.

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