Line Dancing

Tullow Parish Hall hosted a 2nd night of line dancing, which proved even more successful than last November’s event. This time even the walls of the hall were involved, with each wall receiving its name, – Sean’s Wall, Jim’s Wall, The Clock (wall) and stage. However as the evening progressed Jim’s Wall was referred to Alan’s Saloon. Jane, our instructor invited a few of her friends to give demonstrations, which sent a number of us into panic mode that we might be asked to repeat!

The event raised a sum of €274.00 and a decision was taken by the organisers to donate this money to “Aoife’s Journey” (see February Newsletter). A further opportunity to donate to this cause was given to parishioners on the following Sunday at Coffee after Church, which brought the amount raised to €550.00.

Many thanks to all who contributed. And a sincere thank you to Jane and her husband, Jim for putting us through our paces along with a big congratulations to both of them on the safe arrival of their twin granddaughters that evening (in Holles St.).
Also a thank you to Jill and Paddy for looking a1er the refreshments (saloon).

Well done to the organisers; Ashlyn, Eileen, Jane, Mandy and Vera. And yes, plans are afoot (pun intended) for another night of this excellent exercise.

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