Parish BBQ – reflections on a great night

On the evening of Friday 9th June some 40 parishioners attended this event.
The barbecues worked over time, tables were set, the sun umbrella was up, a brazier was lit, music played softly in the background.
Then, just as the barbecued food had finished being served, the rain started! In less than five minutes all tables and chairs had been moved into the parish hall and the party continued unabated. Ah.., the vagaries of an Irish Summer which transfers outdoor events indoors! Nevertheless, it did not ‘dampen’ the atmosphere at this very enjoyable social occasion.

Many thanks to Ray Casey and Jonathan Morton who manned the barbecues; to Jane Bowes, Mandy Swanwick, Ashlyn Casey, Margaret Breadon, Sandra Rhodes and Vera Tanner who attended to the salads and desserts; to Richard FitzSimon who manned the ticket booth; to Joyce and Sydney Buckley for supplying the brazier; to Torren Gale and Michael O’Kane who ensured all remained hydrated and to Alan Rhodes who supervised the relocation during and  tidy-up after the event.

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