Outreach programme review

It is only 6 months since we introduced the Outreach Corner and we have to report that it has enhanced visually the work that goes on throughout the year for others outside our Parish.

Hilary has noticed an increase in the items for Bray Women’s Refuge and the money raised at the Outreach Coffee/Cake Sale morning allowed a huge amount of new nightwear to be bought and donated – can you just imagine what it would be like to leave your home, perhaps with children in the dead of night and arriving at a Women’s Refuge – what a difference to be greeted with new items of sleep wear to accompany your safe surrounding.

After six months we have opened the Harvest for Change tins and, along with all the other Outreach activities, we have raised €3,330 to date for our medical fund for Down Syndrome India. As you will have been hearing from regular updates in Church we have funded our first surgery on an 11 month rural boy who was born with a heart condition which is often associated with Downs Syndrome. Baby Vedashaya had his surgery on the 17th May and we pray for his continued well being in the knowledge we have had a part to play in saving his life.

If you want to continue supporting Tullow’s Outreach in India please ask for a tin to take home to feed or you can always make a donation into the ‘Glass House’ at the back of the church.

Finally, ‘Thank you’ to those who remember to bring along their used batteries for recycling in aid of the Laura Lynn Charity – it is really appreciated by Joan and her team.

Joyce Buckley

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