CONNECT – Lenten Lunch 2017

We had a good get-together on March 9th, with a service of Holy Communion followed by Lunch in the Rectory. It was marvellous to see so many familiar faces all looking so well. Audrey and Olive came up from Sandymount to join us and we thank them for making the effort. We enjoyed a delicious meal and sinful dessert and my thanks go to Vera and the Rector for allowing us take over their kitchen yet again.

Grateful appreciation was expressed to all the helpers, Hilary, Christine and myself for the main course with sides by Marion and Shirley and the aforesaid dessert by June. We managed a glass or so of wine and some chocs.!

Thanks to Dr Ken Glass for providing the music in church and to Bob, David and Frank for giving their time collecting and delivering some of our guests. Also thanks to Marion and Bey for readily agreeing to help as some of our connectors are away.

We hope to go on a Summer Outing in early July, possibly Thursday 6th but all will be notified in due course.

Enjoy the Spring everyone, Jennifer Sowman 0863154118

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