Beckett in Foxrock 2017 – “The End” (a review)

For the second year Samuel Beckett’s connection with the parish and the Foxrock area was celebrated on Saturday 25th March.

The End, based on a Beckett short story, was performed by actor Marcus Lamb. The event was sold out so a capacity audience, including Archbishop Michael Jackson, was thrilled by Marcus’ talented interpretaon which was complemented by wonderful
lighting effects. Marcus said afterwards that it was ‘the most profound theatrical experience of my career. What an audience!’

One audience member said to him ‘I could smell ya!’ Another described him as being like a coiled spring.

A wine and canapé reception in the hall afterwards and a photographic exhibition of Beckett’s connection with the area ensured that the audience, the majority of whom were visiting the church for the first me, had an enjoyable and memorable evening.

Huge thanks are due to all the team who made the evening a success – Barbara, Eileen, Leslie, Ashlyn, Ray, Mandy, Nigel, Patricia, Margaret, Richard, Paddy, Nikki, Blanca, Gillian, Heather, Katie, Michael and Harry.

The Nobel Laureate was suitably honoured!

Jane Bowes

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