Parish Outreach

Once again the wonderful people at Bray Women’s Refuge were overawed by the kindness and generosity of Tullow Parish Outreach Programme – isn’t it wonderful that simple pleasures like new pyjamas and extra food items make such a difference at anytime of the year but for Christmas it makes it all the more special.Thank you for your wonderful support.
We continue to raise medical funds for Down Syndrome India – we have already put aside €1200 and when our very hungry ‘Harvest for  Change’ tins come back at Easter we will be well placed to offer to pay for many surgeries that are waiting for us… at that time we will be introduced to the child/children we are helping and will be able to follow their progress to a better future… keep feeding your tins and remember to pop your coppers into the seed fund glass house at the back of the church.
Joyce Buckley
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