Harvest Thanksgiving – a review

Our Harvest Thanksgiving Festival held on Sunday 16th October proved to be a very special occasion. The Church (as always) was splendidly decorated in traditional style with arrangements of fruit, vegetables, ears of corn, flowers and many other ‘items’ and ‘themes’ drawn from nature! Our special preacher was Rev. Suzanne Harris who is well known to many parishioners as she
regularly ministered in Tullow as a Diocesan Lay Reader prior to ordination. A big “Thank you” to Suzanne for her uplifting words; to Sandra Ruttle, Janet Moore, Brigid FitzSimon and their team of flower arrangers; to our organist Paul McNulty and members of the choir.
The Service was followed by a ‘Bring and Share’ lunch which was enjoyed by some 50 plus adults and children. Many thanks to Ashlyn Casey, Hilary Cran, Jill Malcolm, Margaret Breadon, Vera and Bernard for setting up and organising the food contributions, teas and coffees. And thank you to all who helped in the tidy up afterwards. This brought the memorable occasion to a fitting close in a time of food and fellowship.
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