Badminton – recommences Thursday 29th September 8:30pm

The last season finished with a ‘match’ between the Blues and the Whites. 16 members were equally split up into two teams of 8 each. The games were fairly evenly matched, and a;er many hard fought games an  honorable draw was reached. All performed to a high standard, with John winning a special award for his performance against the wily Don. The other special award went to Michael, who won the dreaded bottle of Kir wine, partly for his poor imitation of a Haka but also for just being Michael. As a tie-breaker the points were added up, and the Blues rightly won the day (and walked away with the prizes).

The usual wild party ensued, with a very tasty table of goodies rich in calories and high in alcoholic content.
New members welcome – just turn up on first day of the new Season, which starts on Thursday 29th September @ 8.30 pm.

  1. Can We Pray For You? Receive A Prayer From All of Us