Buildings and grounds work – an update

It is important to keep parishioners up to date on work that has been done on the church and grounds over the past year or so, particularly so that they can know where their money is spent. The Select Vestry do, of course, keep a strict eye on all expenditure. However, work done in reparation is often not always visible – merely rejuvenating what was already there. A good example of this is
drainage, where the shores were recently fixed on the left hand side of the church cleaning out old drains (maybe for the first time since their installation) and introducing new pipe work which will allow easier access in future to these areas. French drains are essential to facilitate the dispersal of rain water in the area and to protect the integrity of the church foundations. However, to those unaware of this work, there is no visible difference before and after.
A new Fire Alarm & Emergency lighting system has brought the parish hall up to acceptable standards; the Cupola on the centre of the church roof has been given a new lease of life (and was a potential serious accident waiting to happen); the Sexton’s house front door was replaced; out of date and possibly dangerous wiring in the church has been replaced and painting has freshened up the hall, amongst other smaller but necessary ‘housekeeping’ jobs.
Other totally unforeseen matters arise from time to time and are costly; for example, an underground water leak in the church grounds, consultants fees for planning observations on a proposed nursing home next door, slates blown off during the series of winter storms (was it Clodagh, Gertrude or Henry?), sewage problems, etc..
As you will appreciate, a lot of thought is put into all expenditure, trying to prioritise the various needs with the funds available to carry out such works.
Please be assured that we shall continue our programme of maintenance and improvements as prudently as we possibly can and in consultation with the Select Vestry.
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