Wish List – ideas and necessities that require funding

As mentioned at the Easter General Vestry, there are a number of essential works that are required to ensure the integrity of our church building is maintained into the future.

Internally, some very old electrical wiring was recently replaced, but a full rewiring is now well overdue. In addition, the heating and lighting systems needs to be reviewed and upgraded to improve effectiveness and efficiency and the P.A. system requires updating as some components are now obsolete and no longer function satisfactorily.

Externally, drainage of the grounds is in need of urgent attention and to that end, 6 trees have been planted on the church lawn and exploratory excavations will begin shortly to free up drains that no longer work. All of this entails a considerable financial outlay and accordingly the assistance of parishioners would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps it might be considered appropriate to fund part of these works in memory of a loved one. In addition, there are other items of the church’s furnishings and fabric that require repair or replacement and sponsorship for these would also be appreciated.

If you think you can help, please talk to either of the glebewardens; Paddy Bowes or Nigel Swanwick or to the Rector.

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