An infestation in the church hall – it’s the Beetle Drive!

A Beetle Drive for all ages was held on Sunday evening 15th February. Thirty six
players divided into teams of four gathered around nine tables. After a careful
study of ‘Headline’ Beetles which were strategically displayed around the hall,
everyone familiarised themselves with the rules – the most fundamental two
being: one had to throw a six with the dice before they could start and more
importantly, have fun! This year saw an artistic twist with Beetle acquiring very
angular features or accessories – even eye lashes and bootees. Under the
watchful eyes of Elaine Arrowsmith and Helen Burns as scrutineers, the scores
were calculated by age categories. The first, second and third places in each
category were as follows: 9-11: Zoe Hoffman, Daniel Wann, Harry O’Kane. 12-
14: Marcus Tidey, Sarah Hoffman, Josh Garvey. 15-25: Rachel Swanwick, Hannah
Garvey, Stephen Fitzgerald. 25+: Julie Savage, Nigel Swanwick and Michael
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