‘Prepare a Place’ Diocesan Advent Appeal – your donations needed!

An initiative unanimously carried at Diocesan Synods last October has seen Dublin and Glendalough’s ‘Prepare a Place’ Advent Appeal for Gaza formally launched. The dioceses will focus on raising €150,000 for the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City throughout Advent. The funds will buy solar panels to ensure a constant electricity supply for the hospital and go towards improving on–call facilities for staff. (At present, only an average of four hours of electricity a day can be guaranteed.)

 Everyone, whether a member of the dioceses or not, is invited to ‘Prepare a Place’ at their Christmas table for a welcomed yet invisible guest. They can then donate the cost of the meal and a gift for that invisible guest to the appeal.

 Individuals, Parishes, schools, hospitals and organisations are all encouraged to get involved by holding an event or by donating the proceeds of special collections to the appeal.

 Here in Tullow you are invited to place your contribution in an envelope marked ‘PREPARE A PLACE’ on the collection plate at Services before the end of December.

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