Badminton – the inches on the hips after dinner affecting play?

Tullow 18 : Irish Times 1

An almost full complement of 18 members congregated for the Annual Dinner in Doheny & Nesbitt’s in Baggot Street ; tricky though it was to get the mob to move from the pub, the party eventually crossed over to the new Brookwood restaurant on the other side of the busy road. A very detrimental review in the IT the previous week had lead us all to have low expectations, but fortunately you can’t always believe what you read. Do these critics really understand or care what damage they can do to a restaurant in its early days – never has arestaurant been so unjustly maligned. The food was great and lead to a memorable evening.

 Next is the Xmas party on the 5th December.

 By the way, the badminton this month has been up to the usual mediocre standard, except Alan who has been playing very well recently!

If you dare join this group, just come along any Thursday @ 8.30 p.m..

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