The Birthday Club..oops, it’s the BADMINTON Club!!

More birthdays, suitably celebrated and interspersed with a little badminton. On a more serious note, it has been reported that an occasional foul serve has taken place and not even a yellow card given. So, this would be an opportunity to clarify the rule….

 The serve must be hit in an upwards direction. When you hit the shuttle, it must

be below your waist. To be exact, the rules define this to be a height level with

the lowest part of your ribcage. In other words, you can serve from a bit higher

than the top of your shorts, but not much.

 It is now coming to the end of this 5th Season with the End of Season tournament scheduled for 29th May. It has surpassed all others – the enthusiasm has reached a new level as proven by a strong and steady weekly turnout. A lot can be attributed to the success of the break for tea, biscuits plus gossip and the committee is considering starting off each evening in the new season with refreshments and then a short break for badminton at about 10.00pm.

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