“NAME THAT HYMN” – Hear your favourite hymns – but only if you tell us! Nov 24th @ 10:30am

Favourite Hymn Service

 Sunday 24th November (The Sunday before Advent) at 10:30am has been appointed for a Service of Favourite Hymns. Everyone is encouraged to nominate their favourite hymn(s) with a short reason as to why that hymn appeals to them. Children are particularly encouraged to participate. A nomination form is enclosed with this Newsletter and completed forms may be placed in a box for that purpose in the baptistery of the Church, on the collection plate or the Rectory letterbox. for those with email facilities, you can also email the Rector at tanner1@eircom.net (list your favourite hymns and give a reason for your choice in no more than 20 words!)


  1. Can We Pray For You? Receive A Prayer From All of Us