An ‘animal’ night of fun – it’s the Beetle Drive….

Beetle Drive

 Saturday 19th October saw Tullow host a very lively and sociable night. Beetle Drive mania was in full force as parents played parents, grandparents took on grandchildren and even a son-in-law took on his mother-in-law! The dice rattled, the pencils were put to work until the shout went up “Beetle”!, followed by a hush as everyone totted up their scores. Chairs were then moved followed by their occupants as winners and losers moved either up or down a table depending on their scores.

This exercise was repeated for twelve rounds, keeping our scorekeepers (Elaine and Ben Arrowsmith) and Helen Burns) very busy. However, the scorekeepers were given a chance to catch up as contestants enjoyed a lovely supper provided by parents and even by those who were unable to attend on the night. There were two prizes in four age categories: 5-8, 9-11, 12-15 and a very generous 16+. Our youngest age category saw prizes going to Sarah and Malayka, while at the other end of the scale our own Joyce Buckley won first prize in the 126+ section. The “Wooden Beetle” prize went to a very sporting Julie Savage. Many thanks to the scorekeepers (as above), the door marshals: Andrew Savage, Alistair Tidey and Josh Garvey, to Catherine Swanwick for the posters, to the Swanwick Family for the tidy-up afterwards and finally to all who supported this event. Until next year!

Jenny Garvey and Vera Tanner

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