12,000 euros and counting….it’s the Variety Auction results!

The Committee for the Variety Auction wish to apologise to all the Parishioners who received annoying telephone calls, but make no apology in stating that it was for a good cause. To all those who donated, subscribed and gave of the time – a big “Thank You”.

The Auction held on 26th April was a fun evening with over 80 attending. There was a great divergence of bidding, from scratching one’s head to the discreet nod. We might have had better bidding if the porters had not got in the line of sight with the auctioneer!!

Our thanks to two people especially: Derek Bradshaw for his input and work in producing the layout of the catalogue before it was sent to the printer, and Susan Glennon for overseeing and producing the endless amount of savouries which was greatly appreciated by all.

To date, it is estimated that around €12,000 was raised but, as there are a few items pending, this figure could improve.

Jonathan Morton.

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