Wild evenings in the Parish Hall – yes, it’s badminton (again!)

A wild evening was had as usual at the Xmas party on 13th December, with full attendance. Many thanks to all for the wide range of sambos, bikkies, cakes and vineyards that were represented. The ‘pre-party tournament’ didn’t go as expected, with Jonathan (our Overseas member) and new boy Brian stealing the honours. The new boy’s handicap is being reduced somewhat! David and Noel were gallant runners-up. By the looks of many of the members after Xmas, the Badminton Club is expanding at an unhealthy rate, so we may have to send them up to Joyce B for some serious mountain walks to shed those extra pounds. New members are always welcome; just arrive @ 8:30pm on Thursdays (no racket needed).

Paddy Bowes.

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