Post Christmas walk – it’s the Evergreens!

Friday the 28th December was made better for many of us with a great walk up Barnaslinghan Lane around the Lead Mines and then a wonderful reception at the home of our dear friend Frank Johnson….mulled wine, beef stew with the bits. 28 people turned up for the walk and I think we may well have had at least 10 dogs and double buggy!!

We all know the parable of the feeding of the 5,000 with a small number of loaves and fishes – well it is now proven that this was possible as every one of the 28 walkers was fed and watered and there was food to spare! Thank you, Michael O’Kane, for your super dish-washing skills!

Our next walk on Sunday 10th March, straight after a light lunch in the hall, will be to Ballinastoe on the slopes of Djouce Mountain, with stunning views of the Sugar Loaf and the Vartry Valley. We look forward to walking with as many of you as possible – and I gather this walk is to be included in the Badminton training session for those being considered for the Spring matches!

Joyce Buckley, Evergreen co-ordinator.

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