Open-air Service & BBQ – fun in the sun!

Sunday 2nd. September was the date when we once again held our annual Service and barbeque/picnic with our friends and neighbours from Kilternan parish. After a succession of years with poor weather the day itself could only be described as glorious – instead of looking for raincoats and umbrellas, the sun cream was in great demand! The afternoon commenced with a Service at 12:00 noon and was followed by a “bring your own” barbeque. As the more sedate amongst us sat back and soaked up the sun and atmosphere, the young (and young at heart!) participated in the three-legged-race (there is an unfounded rumour that some are still running!). As usual there was a huge demand for trailer rides around the grounds by our younger people (both in age and in heart). As always, a big “thank you” to Frank Johnson for his kind invitation and warm hospitality.

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