Badminton end-of-season bash!

A Round-robin tournament was held on the final night of the Season followed by lots of sandwiches, biscuits and Cake! Plus a compulsory, but well-earned glass of wine for all. The Ladies took the ‘gold’ with Mandy Swanwick & Heather Shiell winning 1st Prize. Noel Salmon ably assisted by the evergreen Barbara Cooper took the ‘Runner’s-up’ Prize.

As a group, we had more than our fair share of injuries during the year, but we battled on regardless. The 1st team still have unbeaten record for 2012 (no matches!), but this may change later in the year as our nemesis – St. Brigid’s – are pencilled in for early in the new Season. Hopefully by then, all slipped discs, torn muscles, tennis elbows, even deviated septum’s, will have mended!

The coaching this year has fine-tuned the skills of this motley crew, and think there is little more that Des can teach us. Maybe some improved lighting might raise the standard that final notch.

As always, we are looking for new members, so if anyone even mildly interested (contact number: 086 258 5194) we’ll be on court again in September. Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Foot note: The rumour that the Morton’s’ have defected to a Spanish club is shuttlecock!

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