Badminton to Beetle Drives – Team Tullow do it again!

Team Tullow are now nearing the end of what has been a very busy Season. Three meetings in March were given over to Badminton coaching, which once again saw members noticeably improve their shots and moves. Many thanks to Paddy Bowes for organising the Badminton coaching.

Team Tullow, in a joint venture with the Sunday Club, marked Mothering Sunday in 18th March by presenting the ladies of our congregation with handmade confectionery in handmade presentation boxes. Special thank you to Ashlyn Casey for her advice and expertise in the box making!

On Saturday 24th March, Team Tullow hosted a Beetle Drive for all ages in the Hall. This proved to be a huge success, and it is hoped to host another before the end of 2012. Ahead of that event, there may be some merit in having a pre-game talk with the adults. In one particular round Table 7, comprised of all adults, was not the place to be at if you wanted a gentle night’s entertainment!!!! The dice they used is just about re-usable and the indentation of the beetles will in time fade from the table. There were three winners in each of the various age group categories (including adults) but the overall winner was Hannah Garvey.

Many thanks to Elaine and Paddy for helping to organise the Beetle Drive along with Catherine, Rachel & Heather for helping out on the night. Special thanks to Bernard for helping to set up and take down the tables. Also a big thank you to all those who contributed to the supper.

Meetings in April will be notified in the usual manner in due course. Enjoy Easter!

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