Speaking of church chat – “Did-U-Know?”…..

    Tullow sermons in the past year have been approximately 1,100 words each (on average). That’s about 6 – 7 minutes of speaking for each address.

In other words, if you put it all together over the past year of about 52 weeks, one of the ministry team has been speaking for about 6 hours non-stop!

Or another way of looking at it – that’s a total of 57,200 words – about a tenth of the length of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” – or about 2 hours of non-stop speaking for each of John, Cecily and Alan……

Just pray that everyone remembers all that’s been said!!


And another thing……….



    The Parish website has a new title – shorter and easier to remember…….




Do please take a few moments to look at the new website, wander among the pages, look at the headlines, read how much is happening in the parish……

And above all, do let us have your feedback – is there something missing; would you like to see something else mentioned; is the layout easy to follow; does it reflect our parish?

Contact Alan Rhodes or the Rector with any comments. Thank you!

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