First match of the season 2011…..

The ‘autumn’ coaching sessions are now complete and we all have plenty of ‘moves’ to practice (‘Much done, More to do’ as they say!). All are very enthusiastic, with Meta an inspiration (arriving on crutches) and Mandy back and in great form after her shoulder problems – all we need to do is patch up the Rector to have a full squad!

It was good to welcome Jonathan back and the rumours that he had defected to St. Brigid’s can be dispelled. Also, Michael O’Kane arrived back from suspension, after many ‘yellow’ cards!

An unscheduled match against St. Brigid’s took place on the 24th. This was a good chance to gauge our progress since coaching started. It was soon evident that the standard had much improved. Most games were very close, with only a few points between the sides. All team members gave their utmost and they can be well satisfied with their performances. We may not have won this time, but with some more work – “Is Feidir Linn!”

There will be no badminton on 1st December a the court has been commandeered for a Whist Drive in the hall. There will be a normal session on the 8th. The final session of the year is on the 15th, after which we will hold the usual unruly Xmas party (we hope to have full turnout on this night – regulars and non-regulars!)

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